Joey Danger – Faded
30 Oct 2014 | Alternative


Industrialust is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle that belongs to those who love cities, streets, art, music, and fashion.  Our goal is to provide you with everything you love in one place.

Industrialust Team

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Our teams vision for the site is to provide access to cutting edge music, fashion, jewelry, video, and art all in one place. The site will have a steady stream of new songs, and clothing to purchase, or if you are just looking for some mind numbing entertainment, the daily dose section will have new wtf videos everyday for you to enjoy. Industrialust will provide links to news and events relevant to those with a taste for urban living. We also would like to see this site grow into a resource for up and coming musicians and artists to share their work with the world. We will be implementing a user submission section on the site where you can upload original tracks. Each month visitors can vote on there favorite songs. The artist with the most votes will win free features on the landing page of the website and the chance to sell their music through industrialust. Come check out the content, tell your friends and family, and come be a part of the movement!

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