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30 Oct 2014 | Alternative

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He’s not the Batman we expect, he’s the batman we deserve.

Animator ArhyBES has returned with a second “Batmetal” a mash-up video cartoon video depicting Batman and family as death metal rockers with music by Metalocalypse‘s fictional(ish) band Dethklok. In “Batmetal Returns” Batman gleefully indulges in a daydream where he seeks to avenge the kidnapping and torture of Aquaman by Ariel of The Little Mermaid and her sea creature friends (Flounder, SpongeBob Squarepants, Squidward, Patrick, Plankton, Dori, Nemo) by brutally murdering them to death metal.

Some spoilers:

Spongebob torturing Aquaman with a blow torch to the ass, Plankton putting a drill through Aquaman’s tongue, Red Hood stabbing Squidward with a shiv, and Batman brain bashing Ariel with a rock while rumbling in unison “MURMAIDER” over and over again as Robin pulverizes the drums.

It’s equally parts funny and twisted to say the least.

With that introduction alone, need we really say more? And if you’re still not convinced of the ensuing awesomeness, at least watch it for the 2 seconds of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy twerking.

Oh, now we’ve got your attention.

Hold on to your cocks, its gonna be a bumpy ride…


September 3rd, 2015

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