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30 Oct 2014 | Alternative

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New York Super Hero Star Map!

New York Super Hero Star Map!

Main Map


Columbus Circle according to the comic books is where Stark tower aka Ironman’s home away from home resides. However in the avengers movie stark tower is actually the Met Life building in nyc


















tumblr_n81unt0qaJ1r3770qo1_1280This is the actual NYC home of peter parker, 175 5th  Ave. New York NY.  However spiderman grew up in Forest Hills Queens. I have no idea how he can afford this place on a photo journalist salary. Ironically the daily bugle is in the flat iron building across the street, pretty sweet commute spidey.











Dr. Stranges actual address in NYC. Pretty trendy spot.  He lives in the building with the blue awning next to the Tattoo shop. 

Stay tuned. More to come…


August 17th, 2014

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